Zombie picture for wiki


Hi, I am a cubebomb Admin and my cubebomb username is zombie, and my chatroom and wiki username is zombian. One of my favorite things to do is to draw on photoshop

and make items for cubebomb! Im glad to help anyone with a problem they might be having with another user, or maby some tips on item making. I will take requests for items but dont always expect it to always be made.

I have seen where that went with emperor and he has been working crazy making lots of items. You can also pm me a link to a item you want made on cubebomb but as i said already dont expect it to be made right away or at all.

Also as of now my admin,mod, panel are literally not there. All i have is image mod and im not sure if theres a tab for making shop items but if there is I dont see that yet either. So as of now i cant make any items (YET). :D