The VIP BadgeEdit

The VIP Badge was a rank in CubeBomb prior to the update in late 2010 removing them.


The user "Death", who had a VIP badge prior to the update removing them.

The VIP badge was similar to all other rank badges, a curved box in the top right corner of your character box. The box was two-toned red, lighter on the top, with the letters "V.I.P." written on it in a straight, neat font.

In the left-most side of the box, there was a small, scrawly smiley-face. People took this to mean different things, as it could mean anything from "The Devs are smiling at you", to the fact that this badge was a primary stepping-stone to higher positions. Getting this badge gave no special powers, but gained respect from the community.

Getting this badge usually brought on a sense of fulfillment not unlike the other rank badges.

Possible uses of this badge;Edit

  • Showing a user that their contributions to the site or community are appreciated.
  • Showing that they are being watched by the developers and may well gain a higher rank if excellent contributions, personality and behavior continue.
  • To test future cantidates for moderation or administrative positions, to know "to what degree does their behavior change behind a badge?".

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