The CubeBomb Game (Will it exist?)Edit

Yes, rumors grew too big and the developers had to make a game for their users, even though it was never a planned thing. That's when CoderRyne came around, promising to make the staff's "Dream Game". He quit half way through the programming.

This is when CubeBomb decided to go back to the original plan: a social network for kids.
The site will (or has, if this article wasn't updated) go down on 1/1/2011 for an "Undetermined amount of time". The developers plan to come out with a bunch more features and social interactive applications for the website within 3 months (as of Dec 2010. The actual time is 30 days from February 11, 2011.)

However, StuffMaker has commented several times that he is constantly experimenting with game networking and design concepts. This means that there is a chance of a game that may come later, but the plan of a "Social networking" site is now the top priority.