You MUST agree to these terms before editing the CB wiki.
I hated for it to come to this, but IP blocks are now in effect.

Vandalism will be moderated by me, Cookie, and our chief Anti-Vandal officer, Aeacus.

Before Contributing

  • Sign Up for an account!
  • Upload a Profile picture
  • Edit your User page
  • Follow the instructions here.

You WILL be 3-day IP blocked if you contribute on an unregistered account.

This is a precautionary measure to prevent vandalism, floods, or inaccurate info and can be easily avoided by following the above steps.
Message me on CubeBomb if you cannot make an account or to inquire on deletions/ moderation actions.
Don't be deterred from contributing, they're simple requirements! :3

Terms for Editing

By editing this wiki or publishing content to this wiki, you acknowledge that;
  • CubeBomb or CB Wiki can use ANYTHING you upload, at any time, for any reason,
  • Any content you upload is not pirated or stolen,
  • We can terminate your account at any time,
  • We can remove any content that we feel inaccurate, wrong, or solely opinionated,
  • You have the right to request more info about a page deletion of a page that you made or account termination of your account,
  • We can withhold this information if there's already question about it,
  • You will not knowingly submit false or inaccurate information,
  • You will keep uploads PG-13 or BELOW,
  • Any position (Admin, Beaurocrat, etc.) you get here will NOT reflect on to the CubeBomb site, vice versa,
  • And you will uphold CubeBomb's standard of good community here AND on the official CubeBomb site.
  • You will not vandalise.
  • You will have an account before editing.
  • You will make the best-quality work that you can :3

In making this Wiki, I acknowledge that;

  • I will take down this Wiki upon request of CubeBomb official staff if that may arise,
  • I do NOT work for CubeBomb or its developers,
  • I do NOT claim any of CubeBomb's site, images, or uploads, as they are the property of CubeBomb staff and their original uploaders.

Have a great day at the wiki and on CubeBomb!