Cubez the Reindeer.Hello! This is Coolio's guide to CubeBomb. I will add more as CubeBomb updates.

First of all, creating your account, because CubeBomb only has about 1000 members at the moment, you still have alot of names to choose from. Names have to have more than 4 characters. Remember, choose a fairly long password, because your account may be stolen. {Tip: use numbers and letters to be safe-Sam5max}

Next, getting to know people. Everyone in my words is very friendly and helpful, You'll get a friend in no time, is all I can say.

CubeBomb does not have games yet, There being made right now. (I hope there great!)

Now, money. The currency of CubeBomb is Orbs. You get 25 Orbs every 24 hours, that is your login bonus.

Next, things to do. The forums are a fun way to be entertained. One of the posts that is at the top, Or "Stickied" are the RULES. Read them. The shop is a place where you can buy items with orbs. (read up if you forgot what orbs were) The User Catalog is user created items which YOU and all the other users can make an item, and upload it. you can even sell it!

In upgrades you can buy orbs, starting at only 1 dollar for 1000 orbs!

That just about sums it all up, If i've missed anything message me on CubeBomb, I'm coolio.

I hope this helped.