Current Leaders (By Contributions)

This is by edits and contributions.

This will be updated bi-weekly.

~Top Five~~

1- Phoenix (me): 79

2- Cookie: 23

3- Delons: 17

4- TheEpicCube: 12

5- Death: 8


Samuelbham: 4

Wafflez: 2

Crz144: 2

Aeacus: 2

Paradox: 2

HAAAX: 0 (But registered)


None yet


  • Top 10 will be runners up in a post on the CB forums.
  • Top 5 will be noted in a post on the CB forums.
  • Top 3 will be mentioned on the front page of the wiki for 2 weeks and will be contacted to receive a "Gold Contributor" CubeBomb item.
  • First Place will win honored notice on the CubeBomb forums as well as a permanent place on the front page.
  • If you're first place 2 times in a row (or 2nd if I'm first), you will be considered for an Administrator position on the Wiki. :D


Even with prizes for contributing, don't write useless articles for cont. points.

Revising an erred article would be just as many contribution points as spamming useless words on a useless page.

It's not happened yet, and I hope it won't come to it, either :3