Badges are symbols of rank and prestige in Cubebomb. Some badges include VIP, Admin, Mod, I-Mod, F-Mod, and premium badges. Badges can also be made in the User Catalog, but they are not official.

Badges of RankEdit

  • VIP Badge; a red badge with a smiley face and the word "VIP" (Discontinued)
  • Forum Moderator badge; an orange badge that says "F-Mod"
  • Image Moderator badge; a silver badge that says "I-Mod"
  • Moderator badge, a light blue badge that says "Mod"
  • Administrator badge, a yellow badge that says "Admin"

Premium BadgesEdit

On the "Upgrades" page, it is stated that the Premium Service will give a premium member "special badges". Although it is not yet known what this means, we do know that it will be oh-so-cool.

User-Made BadgesEdit

Some users have decided to parody the official badges, by making badges of their own. Some badges have character names, words like "Epic", or fake versions of official badges, such as the "F-Admin (Fake Admin)" badge.